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Konnektable Technologies Ltd for the HMI and DSS development in Naiades Project

Water Use

Konnektable Technologies Ltd is an Irish technology R&D company based in Waterford, Ireland, with offices located also in Greece and the USA that provides core and bespoke R&D services.

Our research scientists and the consulting team have extensive experience in EU-funded research projects and our expertise transforms state-of-the-art research prototypes into commercial products.

In the R&D sector, Konnektable Technologies Ltd supports connectivity, intelligence, actuation, and control features by validating the technology and business framework through real-life demonstrations.

In terms of the NAIADES project, this year Konnektable deployed the HMI to a testing platform, and then new entities were registered in the production platform. All new technologies were tested in the three project Use Cases that took place in Braila, Alicante, and Carouge.

During the Use Case in Braila, a water demand prediction model was established through a modified screen in order to retrieve production and demonstrate the historical graphs (ie. Pressure, water flow) through a flow graph model. The DSS alerts that were generated give the opportunity to the end user to be aware of the water demand levels in the specific area. Another very important progress was the weather prediction that developed through the HMI in order to retrieve real-time weather and provide weather prediction (DSS), weather forecast, historical data, and graphs. Moreover, dynamic treatment suggestions were identified by providing historical graphs and by facilitating the inspection of various measurements such as turbidity, PH, etc. In terms of leakages, noise sensor measurements were provided as well as the capability of suggesting new locations for the installation, the addition of the exclusion of sensors in order for the end user to detect leakages in new areas of Braila.

In the Use Case that too place in Carouge. the HMI screen was modified and adjusted functionalities such as the water quality forecast, various graphs from historical data, the weather prediction, the DSS alerts, and the recommended actions as well as the operator reports aiming to inspect the details found and update the reports accordingly. In cooperation with other partners, the water observatory and watering functionalities were developed through the HMI.

During the Use Case in Alicante, Konnektable developed various graphs for water consumption and prediction through the HMI function in order to enable long-term consumption predictions in the Alicante area. Meanwhile, water leakage detection, weather prediction, and consumption level visualization were developed through DSS alerts. In terms of saline intrusion, various graphs were developed in HMI to detect abnormalities such as the contractility and flow levels aiming to monitor the water quality and to provide DSS alerts on the map when salinity infusion is detected.

All functionalities tested in the three Use Cases of NAIADES project are under validation aiming to revolutionize the sustainable management of European water ecosystems and significantly impact society and the environment.




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