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NAIADES Co-creation Workshop




Water is essential for life, but how much do you know about it? Would you like to have your say about the future of water management? Join our interactive co-creation workshop and make your voice heard! Through a series of thematic presentations, punctuated by interactive and collaborative co-creation exercises using online digital tools, not only will you learn about the challenges and opportunities related to smart water management through real use-cases, but also brainstorm with us about the future we want for this fascinating sector!

Whether you are an expert in the domain or new to the topic, join our experts from NAIADES Project! Every drop counts!

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Co-chairs:  Anna Brékine, Mandat International, Juan Fernández Montenegro, AIMEN

Welcome and introduction


Speaker: Anna Brékine, Mandat International

Water in the global agenda: What is the role of smart water in achieving the SDGs? 

Water solutions for SDGs: co-creation exercise


Speaker: Ignacio Casals, AMAEM

From source to tap to reuse: smart water cycle applications

Developing solutions for smart water management: co-creation exercise


Speaker: Iulian Mocanu, CUP Braila

From old to gold: the challenges of revitialising aged water technology

Modernising the water flow: co-creation exercise


Speaker: Eunah Kim, UDG Alliance

Towards a greener, more sustainable city: how smart water solutions can help

How 'smart' is water in your city? : Co-creation exercise


Speaker: Aitor Corchero, EURECAT

Welcome to the Jungle: the standardisation story so far

Standardisation: co-creation exercise


Speaker: Juan Fernández Montenegro, AIMEN

From consumer awareness to behavioural change: how can we involve citizens in water management?

Citizen science and water management: co-creation exercise


Speaker: Anna Brékine, Mandat International

Recommendations for smart water management: co-creation exercise 


Speaker: Juan Fernández Montenegro, AIMEN

Wrap-up and discussion

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