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The Project

NAIADES’s vision is to support the modernization and digitization of water sector by providing a holistic solution for the control and management of water ecosystems. NAIADES aims to address the increased need for sustainable and eco-friendly water methodologies by defining a new ICT framework, with a wider scope than a sole technical proposition. Driven by the need to yield an end-to-end, uniform approach, NAIADES redefines water management by taking into consideration issues pertaining to cost, safety, complexity, vulnerability, societal acceptance, user behaviour and ethics.

NAIADES covers four application domains:

APPLICATION 1 Water consumption & efficiency
Water consumption & efficiency

NAIADES aims to minimize the cost for water utilities by developing, implementing and integrating several innovative tools in the proposed ecosystem:

  • Optimization of water consumption and smart water operation scheduling tool that will enable the optimization of water consumption in combination with real-time smart water planning;
  • A personalized water behavioral change support mobile application, which will aim to enhance public awareness on water consumption and usage savings by providing the users with detailed information about their water consumption, thus aiming to enhance public awareness on water consumption and usage savings, promoting user engagement and enhancing user participation in water conservation activities;
  • By developing and implementing the Water demand prediction Toolkit which will predict the water demand in order to save water resources, reduce operation and energy costs and greenhouse gases; and by the development and use of a single metadata harmonization tool which will contribute to the reduction of computation cost (by feature extraction, factor analysis, etc.).

All these innovative technological tools of NAIADES system will enable a radical transformation of the water sector making existing technologies more performant and therefore more cost-efficient and attractive for the market.

The purpose of the "Water Observatory" (WO) is to monitoring water-related events in order to explore relevant water issues. The WO targets water experts as well as the general public and provides insights into water-related problems through data analysis and AI.

More precisely, the WO is an online platform offering a series of analytical visualizations, helping users to extract meaningful information related to the water sector. The project provides insightful information about the media landscape, research publications, social media and various indicators. Through the collaboration with local institutions, the WO can also be augmented to local datasets.

APPLICATION 2 Confidence of water consumers
Confidence of water consumers
APPLICATION 3 Safety & reliability
Safety & reliability

The purpose of anomaly detection, a solution built within the scope of the Naiades project, is to monitor various data sources and to provide insights into possible deviations from normal behaviour. The anomaly detector performs analysis of short- and long-term variations as well as unsupervised monitoring. Anomaly detection is applied for observing:

  • Flow and pressure data thus trying to identify possible new leakages,
  • The general state of the water supply network as well as
  • Local temporal or geographical imbalances.

NAIADES strives to optimize the market development of integrated and cyber-resilient ICT solutions and systems for smart water management, and opening up of a digital single market for water services. NAIADES aims to leverage the so-called Digital Security strand by focusing on increasing the privacy and the security of ICT – based smart water management systems, through the exploitation of the following NAIADES features:

  • A more user-centric approach to security management. NAIADES will allow users to better control how their data is shared with third parties finding the right balance between privacy and added value;
  • A blockchain-backed logging architecture that provides anti-tamper and early warning protection for critical log and event feeds. NAIADES is going to be a market leader in water sector security by providing a decentralized data protection infrastructure;
  • A Data- driven business innovation.
APPLICATION 4 Personalized persuasive feedback and services
Personalized persuasive feedback and services