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The following page contains the list of the public NAIADES deliverables. The deliverables will be published after successful completion of the review.

Deliverable number Deliverable title Document
D1.1 Project Handbook
D1.2 Scientific and Innovation Roadmap
D1.3 Scientific Roadmap and innovation management Evaluation
D1.4 NAIADES Data Collection & Ethical Plan
D1.5 Ethical HelpDesk Reports - Mid-term
D1.6 Ethical HelpDesk Reports – Final
D1.7 Data Management Plan
D1.8 Recommendations for Data Policy
D1.9 NAIADES IPR Plan & IPR Management
D2.1 Smart Water Services Digest and Trend Analysis
D2.2 Water Management landscape analysis
D2.3 Gap Analysis of the Existing SDG and EU Framework for Smart Water Management
D2.4 Assessment of Policies on Water Distribution Management
D2.5 NAIADES requirements and guidelines - Mid-term
D2.6 NAIADES requirements and guidelines - Final
D2.7 Use Cases definition and requirements document - Mid-term
D2.8 Use Cases definition and requirements document - Final
D2.9 NAIADES Architecture - Mid-term
D2.10 NAIADES Architecture - Final
D3.1 Data Harmonization Framework and Tool - Mid-term