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Expected impact

NAIADES will give the floor to technology partners to introduce novel, optimized and integrated approaches to potential end users, providing them, in turn, with an excellent opportunity to understand potential weaknesses or limitations of current technologies. NAIADES will furthermore, facilitate an opportunity to innovative small and medium European companies to join forces with incumbent European industries for the delivery of advanced technology solutions in a niche domain. It will also be the platform for the cross-fertilization of ideas and approaches under the greater NAIADES vision.

The WPs will work towards the expected impacts:

  • Contributing to the interoperability of decision support systems through the identification and use of ICT/water vocabularies and ontologies in view of developing or improving ICT/water standards (activities in WP2 and WP3)
  • Improved decision making on water management, related risks and resource efficiency through increased real-time accuracy of knowledge (activities in WP7)
  • Maximizing return on investments through reduced operational costs for water utilities, including reduced costs for water monitoring, improved performance of water infrastructures, and enhanced access to and interoperability of data (activities in WP3, WP4, WP5 and WP7)
  • Enhanced public awareness on water consumption and usage savings (activities in WP6 and WP9)
  • Market development of integrated and cyber-resilient ICT solutions and systems for smart water management, and opening up of a digital single market for water services (activities in WP7, WP8 and WP9)
  • Implementation of the objectives of the EIP Water, especially, reducing the environmental footprint of the main water-dependent activities and improve their resilience to climate changes and other environmental changes (activities in all WPs but environmental impact will be assessed in WP2)

naiades project expected impact