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Brăila, Romania

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In Brăila, the public water company is a joint-stock company whose shareholders are the municipalities in the county, including the residence city of Brăila. The Brăila Zonal System currently provides the water supply for the inhabitants of Brăila, the Lacu Sarat resort and for the inhabitants of 11 rural localities: Cazasu (Cazasu), Chiscani, Lacu Sarat and Varsatura (Chiscani com.), Silistea and Martacesti Silistea), Tudor Vladimirescu, Scortaru Vechi and Comaneasca (Tudor Vladimirescu), Baldovinesti and Pietroiu (Vadeni com.), The services provided by water supply and sewerage systems aim to ensure water supply, sewerage and sewage treatment for all users in the territory of the Brăila County localities and must meet at the level of the users, at the delimitation / separation points of the installations.

Brăila aims to incorporate the following objectives: 

  • Streamline the company's economic activity, increase of incomes; 

  • Reduction of losses on the distribution network, reduction of losses resulting from damages on the water supply networks due to the appearance of external factors with a special impact (ram strikes); 

  • Flood prevention due to the discharge of the waste waters transported in sewerage network.