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Digital Around the World

Digital Around the World

Digital Around the World is a 24 hours non-stop virtual conference that will bring together top-level speakers discussing the latest trends in digital transformation. 

For 24 hours non-stop, region by region, time zone by time zone, top-level international speakers will be presenting and discussing the last technological innovations and trends in digital transformation: from the Internet of Things to 5G, network virtualization and smart services. 27 high level sessions with keynote speakers will be developed and moderated consecutively from various countries in Europe, the Americas and the Asia/Pacific region, and a worldwide community of industry experts, researchers and specialized media will have the opportunity to follow and interact in the debates.

NAIADES will be involved in the following two sessions: 

20 Oct | 15.00 CEST - Towards a Global Green New Deal - Leveraging IoT and Research for the SDGs

This session provides an overview of how the IoT is mostly used today in sectors such as smart cities and biodiversity and how IoT and research can contribute to the SDGs. 

21 Oct | 10.00 CEST - IoT Applications for the water sector

The session offers a look into various IoT technologies developed in the framework of EU Horizon 2020 funded projects and presents promising IoT application in the smart water sector.

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