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Ville de Carouge, Switzerland

naiades project pilot use cases Ville de Carouge, Switzerland

Although the lake Leman provides a large part of the drinking water consumed in Carouge, the city faces more and more water shortage during the summer months. There is room to increase the water efficiency from the water consumed by the city.  

In addition to the water management, as the city is growing exponentially but the budget is tightening, employees of the City are under stress to comply to their increasing duties. The IoT will also help them to simplify their jobs and save hours of work, while also diminishing stress. This is especially true with the watering of many places and flowers recipients around the city. Furthermore, the live monitoring of the many fountains will increase the safety for the citizens and simplify the work of the city employees. 

In the state of Geneva (Canton de GeneΜ€ve), the city of Carouge is seen as an IoT and smart city pioneer. Thus, when a service is successfully installed, many cities in the Canton and other Swiss cities get inspired by Carouge and adopt it. As the city of Carouge is also on a quest to become a smart and sustainable city, it aims to incorporate the following objectives: 

  • Defining a reference model for water management processes using IoT, AI and blockchain related technologies; 

  • Improving and monitoring the quality of the water fountain for the citizens (including monitoring waste such as paper, plastic, etc... in the water fountains); 

  • Improving the quality of work for the city staff and decrease their workload with automated services; 

  • Maximizing the efficiency of water used by the city; 

  • Adhering to the targets and recording the values for the indicators given in Sustainable Development Goal 6 on β€œClean Water and Sanitation”: